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We Value:

We believe in cultivating a safety culture in which we all have a responsibility not only to ourselves but also to all others in our environment.

Green Ocean strongly believes in environmental protection in all areas related to land, sea and air operations.

As a service provider to our customer, it is of utmost importance to provide the quality that the customer expects and deserves. We are of the opinion that quality pays for itself.

Reliability will always shine through with Green Ocean regardless of the Project Team or individual serving the requirements of the customer. Through our transparency, pro-active thinking, good co-operation and communication, we strive to provide service of the highest quality and aim to build a long-lasting relationship based on trust with our customers.

Green Ocean’s organisational structure is based on loyalty and we believe in expanding this to envelope not only ourselves but also those who we work with. We do not think of a contract as just a temporary exercise but as an opportunity to build strong relationship with our clients.